Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It's Sunday, 7:45 pm. The day has lulled along and the jovial frivolity Friday brings is long forgotten now. The weekend bumbles to a halt and just as the sun fades into darkness the shocking realization that tomorrow is Monday dawns on you. Not just any Monday but the one you've been dreading, the big Monday, test day. Procrastination is a dangerous trajectory and yet we have all fallen victim to it at some point. We put off important tasks and some say it is because we are lazy or unmotivated. In my experience procrastination stems from fear. To try and fail hurts more than pretending to not care at all. Beating old habits of procrastination weren't easy for me, but the realization that preparation is the key to success made the shift worth it.

It started with a test I took in middle school when it was popular not to care. Fed up with the same old results I hit the books. I read the text backward and forwards. When the results came around scrawled at the top of the page "78%" a C. I was furious. That was when I learned that going through the motions for hours at a time is just as useless as not studying at all.

Meaningful intentional study sessions are the answer to getting that A+. Begin by discovering your learning type. After spending a weekend immersed in books I understood that reading doesn't help me remember the material. Listening to content and taking notes was hugely successful for me. By catering to your learning type you can accomplish the same amount of studying while expending less time and energy.

I am also a huge advocate of social learning. Invite a group of peers, throw in some snacks, and work through information together. Nothing helps simplify content more that a fresh perspective. Creating a study group that holds the same values can destroy the stigma that studying is lame and that trying is pointless.

By discovering your learning type and changing your attitude towards tests in the first place, every exam can become a success.

Charlotte from Oregon
College Freshman
Linfield School of Nursing