Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Through-out my high school and now freshman year of college experience, I have developed a few strategy’s that have guaranteed continuous success.
The essential key to do well on a test is to simply be prepared. Due to the fact everyone learns differently, it is important for one to find what learning strategy works best for them. For example, my favorite strategy for retaining information is through flashcards. In middle-school I discovered “Quizlet” which is a website that allows one to electronically make flashcards. Quizlet not only develops flashcards, but also provides several other learning games to fit one’s favorite studying method. This allows for diversity within techniques, so it makes finding the best strategy easier! I found that taking 45 min to 1 hour per day to study prior to a test assured myself an “A” every time. Cramming information on the day before the test does not work for majority of people, but what ensures success 100% is being confident with the information.
Lastly, eating breakfast is essential to excellent performance. Eating breakfast is vital to success in test- taking because it literally fuels the brain. According to Estelle M. Ingoldsby, “Nutritionists and physicians recommend good breakfast habits, and controlled scientific studies show that with a good breakfast, work output is greater, and reactions are faster” (559). This R.N exclaims that breakfast helps performance therefore will tremendously help with concentration during a test. I have had my fair share of tests on an empty stomach and all that led to was in-adequate results because I was not able to properly focus on the exam. My in-ability to stay focused was due to the distraction of hunger and nausea. Therefore, taking the time to study as well as making sure to eat are my top two preparation skills for tests.
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Audrey from Georgia
College Freshman
Georgia Gwinnett College