Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

What is every students desire when they’re told that their test is coming up soon? I hope the answer is passing it. In order to pass the test, you need to be able to prepare for it. There are various methods of how to prepare for a test, but everyone is different and everyone has their own strategies. When studying for a test, I usually have a Starbucks drink, a snack, a mug with colored pens and highlighters, paper, class notes, textbook, and my computer. My drink is there for when I get thirsty and when I get tired. My snack is there for when I need more energy or I just get hungry. My colored pens are there for when I write my color coded notes. My highlighters are there for when I need to highlight what is important and the formulas. My paper is there for when I need to physically write my notes down. My textbook is there for when I need something to be cleared up. My computer is there for when I need to either watch a video on the subject or to turn on some fun, mellow music like Khalid. All these strategies help me prepare for my test because I am relearning the material in a sort of fun way. I love colors and I enjoy having my desk filled with papers and books. Preparation for a test would also include joining a study group. When you study with a group, someone might mention something that you never thought of. Going to a tutor is also another great technique that I often use when I’m not understanding something that might be on the test. Another technique that I use is recording myself stating facts. On my way to class and when I drive, I listen to my recording so it’ll be extra studying. A technique that I believe everyone should try is to distract yourself every once in while. If you’re constantly studying for hours, it would be nice to take a break so you don’t get stressed out. I use all these strategies when preparing for a test and they have worked out well for me and I hope that someone could use some of these techniques as well.

Diana from Georgia
College Junior
Georgia Southern University