Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The first important way to prepare for an upcoming test is to start studying very early on. I review my notes and often rewrite them the day after a lecture or a couple days after. Every day I try to read over my notes to familiarize myself with the material. This makes it easier to recognize and remember the information when tests come.
Another important way to study for a test is to use studying that allows for recall. Whether it is making up my own study guide questions, using flashcards, or practicing new problems, I use recall every time. Making my own questions also help me try to figure out a concept in depth and understand what concepts are most likely to be asked about on an exam.
Lastly, I always make sure I sleep well and eat. Being exhausted before an exam allows for minor mistakes that can add up to lots of points. This is also why studying early is important.

Samantha from California
College Sophomore
Fullerton College