Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation for me is very hard, I tend to have a really hard time focusing on just something simple, maybe something like reading. if I am trying to read something that I am studying I can look up and think to myself what did I just read over? it takes some serious mind power for me to focus really hard on what exactly I am studying. when I know that a really big test is coming up and I know for sure I need to get a certain grade I do these specific tasks. first, when I get the study guide or maybe just notes that I've written in class if I don't have any other homework to work on I will go back to that the assignment that I need to study for and read through the paper. I will continue to do this until it is time for me to take the test. one of the reasons I believe this works for me is that when you continue to read over the material a couple of times you began to remember or maybe refresh your brain and then when the test comes and you see the questions they will look familiar and all you have to do is select the right answer.
secondly, if I don't feel prepared enough I will rewrite the material again. this acts as another memory thing so that I can again remember, or I will write a test for myself but that is only if the test I have is maybe definitions. every person that studies has their own way of studying and getting the job done, and for me, I believe that these tactics work best for me because of how I remember things and how I organize certain things. but for these to actually work you have to be in a quiet area, be very focused. preparing for is very stressful especially when that test determines your final grade and you are not doing so hot in that class. overall all my tactics have helped me through some tough times and I hope that maybe day that itll help someone out to when they need the help.

marijah from Kansas
College Freshman
kansas christian college