Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test Preparation methods that work for me include the Pomodoro Method, repetition of listening to lectures and study guides. The Pomodoro method is the process of studying materials for at least 20-25 minutes (the time frame that works best for me) take a 15-minute break in between and continue studying for a total of an hour. I find the Pomodoro Method useful because it prevents me from getting distracted or becoming fatigued, bored, etc. Before learning the Pomodoro Method I would attempt to study one subject 2-3 hours at a time. This method became useless as I would pass a test at C average level, and later on in the semester, I would forget what I studied. The Pomodoro Method gives students who are easily distracted shorter durations to stay focused, and discover what material we do not know or have not learned.

As mentioned earlier another studying method I use is repetition; in recent semesters this is through the repetition of listening to lectures, completing study guides, practice test or any additional guides used in my class to study. I find repetition very useful when studying because it provides an opportunity for me to review what I do know, and practice material I am unclear about. For instance, within the past 2 semesters, I had classes that relied on lecture material only that was prerecorded each class. For me, it was important to re-listen to each lecture while completing the unknown information on my study guide. After this, I utilized the Pomodoro Method to physically read over the material before ending my study session. By the following day I would complete the practice exams with B average scores, and then continue to study as I have in previous sessions. Other ways to use repetition is having a colleague or friend quiz you with index cards, this is useful because it shows accountability for incorrect answers, someone can redirect me by restarting the quiz (flash cards). These studying tools helped me with improving my test scores and GPA.

Jazmine from Michigan
College Freshman
Wayne State University