Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When studying for exams, I like to maintain a balance between what is called active and passive studying. Passive studying takes more time and is usually done individually. Active studying is usually "hands-on" and involves active practice with exam prep materials. To passively study, I quiz myself using flashcards I've created and I read through my notes from class. I mainly use passive studying when I need to commit information to memory, or for multiple choice questions. I use active studying much more often. My prep practices include testing myself with practice tests, discussing study material with a study group, asking my professors questions during office hours, and annotating text. Active strategies have proven more effective when I need to understand key subjects, make calculations, or answer conceptual questions on an exam. For every hour that I study using active and passive strategies, I take 5 minutes to stretch or get a snack, then I get back to work. It is important that I stay physically ready for an exam as well as mentally prepared because being recuperated keeps my mind alert and active during an exam.

Ti'Lar from California
College Freshman
Loyola Marymount University