Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to test preparation, the tried and true method of flashcards usually works best for me. Flashcards are convenient to carry around, which enables you to study anywhere, anytime you are free. Plus, flashcards are great to improve your memory for memorization tests, and it can help you learn new concepts. I study best by going over my flashcards to master the information, taking a short break, and then coming back and ensuring that I truly knew the information on the cards. Another great tool for test preparation is going online and watching YouTube videos. Often, it is important to hear and see someone else explain the information that you are studying. I have found that these videos are extremely helpful while studying for math, science, and history courses. They provide great visuals that aid in the learning process. And the final test preparation method that I find useful is to use friends to learn information. It is important that you do not just copy you friends’ information, but that you actually allow them to teach you the things that you do not know. To ensure that I am as prepared as possible, I try to combine all three of these methods. This gives me a variety of ways to study and helps me retain information better.

Jacquez from Florida
College Sophomore
University of Central Florida