Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Reading books or documents assigned for reading and incorporate notes from class to study from is how I begin to prepare for a test. I organize the information into groups that make sense to me. I will use index cards for definitions or phrases. I write down a word or phrase on one side of the index card and the definition on the other. I repeat it out loud when I am done writing on the card. I will then close my eyes to visualize what the definition is and sometimes peek to reassure myself; then look at the word. I close my eyes again and see the word. I will read the definition and name the definition until I fully understand it. I will repeat this numerous times a day. Sometimes I will walk and speak to remember definitions or phrases. The movement can help me remember.
For math or science courses I have found watching videos on Khan Academy to be a great resource. I will follow along and write down the problem and redo it numerous times until I understand the process. Other resources online that I can interact with and be tested by dragging items to the correct spot are a fun way to learn and test memory.
It is great to find a study partner or group. This is really helpful for me because I can be the one asking questions or for definition of something and when someone is describing the answer it helps me to remember. I will give hints instead of giving the answer to help the person remember the answer. This method helps reinforce my memory since I am reading the answer as well as listening to the answer. These techniques have helped me to maintain my high grade point average.

Lori from Massachusetts
College Junior
Springfield Technical Community College