Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The infamous word, test. That many students either love or hate. I have learned to adapt my perspective on testing because unfortunately there is no escape, testing happens in the workplace as well. My general preference for test preparations began one week in advance of the set test date. I gather the notes that correlate with the set sections, quizzes, and any additional homework, study guides, or handouts assigned by the instructor. I create a Quizlet with the terms that are in the assigned chapters and study those first for 48 hours. I began working on the sections that I have the most challenges with and test myself with concepts and possible exam questions. After, I feel more comfortable with those sections I began reviewing all the other parts. I typically study two hours increments this way I'm sure to take breaks in between to relax and refocus. If a study group is available within my courses, I will utilize those as well because I learn a tremendous amount from my peers. It is approximately two days before the exam now, and I will take at least a 15-hour break from all studying to take care of my mental, physical, and emotional health. The day of the exam I will do a four-hour study session in the morning by reviewing and testing myself on Quizlet as well as from previous exams and quizzes.

Raven from Pennsylvania
College Junior
The Pennsylvania State University