Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The world is a cacophony of noise when it comes to tests. On the left I see a girl whose name escapes me, because she hasn’t ventured to a social event since the first day when she mentioned her array of flashcards. On the right I see agirl who dosen’t know her way to class despite this being our ninth week. She told me that the professor uses the same test and that the only study buddies she needs are Jack, Jim and Jose. Each of them seems confident of their abilities and I don’t know whom to listen to. The answer is neither, because as with everything, balance is essential. I learned much about balance in my time working with the YMCA. Their core belief is in the balance between mind, body and spirit.

The mind is our most powerful tool in a test. We cannot outrun a test or amaze a test with our artistic ability. It is our memory and our intuition that allow us to achieve good results. “The mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone” – Tyrion Lannister. This act of sharpening our minds by reading must be balanced with careful rest. Therefore, I endeavour to spend 10% of the time I dedicate to studying to meditation, to allow my mind to rest.

The human body was not designed for sitting in chairs for hours studying. To neglect the body and to focus only on your mind is like plugging an address into a GPS when your car has four flat tires. You may arrive but you will burn far more fuel and feel a lot worse getting there. For this reason, I endeavour to spend time each day doing exercise such as hiking or running in the most natural environment available to me such as a park.

The spirit has many definitions. In my case I define spirit as the time I take to experience joyful things, such as time spent with friends or time spent reading for pleasure. This must not be neglected in our pursuit of our academic goals.

I firmly believe that If I preserve the balance of mind, body and spirit that I can accomplish what the academic world throws my way.

Seattle from Ohio
College Freshman
Colorado State University - Global Campus