Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

One of the test preparation strategies that I have is reviewing the subject of the test. This can be done by taking a look at previous assignments or readings that touch upon the topic, these having been assigned by the instructor of the course. Something I have done out of habit, due to the skills in my AVID course, is keeping past assignments, quizzes, and tests so that I may be able to find them easily and use them as sort of a makeshift study-guide. This works for me because there is no denying the simple fact of human nature, what I mean by this is that we as humans have a tendency to be able to learn and remember by repetition. Which is exactly what going back to these assignments does. It serves its purpose by helping you revisit something that has been done before and consequentially forcing the brain to start making that connection between what you did on the assignment and what it means, its meaning has now, at this point, created a link between something that perhaps you went over in class as a lecture, and then proceeded to complete an assignment for homework, and now is useful as a review for the upcoming test. That makes it three instances in which you have seen the same thing, and the brain is now able to make that connection more easily, therefore helping you, as a test-taker, remember instruction and the topic.

Hugo from Texas
High School Senior
Valle Verde Early College High School