Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

studying and fully preparing for any exam is vital. Though I've learned many ways to approach the preparation for my exams, I've learned that a tailored approach according to personal learning style, and to the class, is vital.

I struggled with my biology classes to begin with, and this was very discouraging as I plan to be a veterinarian, But I have learned that understanding a term, and the concepts umbrella'ed in it, is more important than just memorizing the definition of words.

I have also learned that relaxed studying is the best studying. I, personally, am more likely to fully learn something if I can trick myself into having fun, or atleast being comfortable, while doing it. Because of this I spend a lot of my study time explaining things to other people, throwing terms and definitions and applications back and forth with other people in my class, watching videos and taking sketch notes where I allow myself to draw pictures, etc.

They say the brain does its best work when its not trying, and this is why I take my studying with me. I will review notes, on my phone, while at the gym. Ive watched informational videos while running my miles on treadmill. I have even lamented index cards and taken them to study in the pool.

Ashlynn from Texas
High School Senior
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