Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Personally, while preparing for a test I utilize certain strategies that best work for me. Depending on the test, I prepare in certain ways. For instance, if Im preparing for a standardized test I realized I work best by using the preparation books given by the library and practicing questions from the book then seeing the correct answer in the back of the book along with the explanation. Websites such as Chegg and College Board offers online study resources to aid in standardized test preparation which I find helpful but at a fee. If a general course test is approaching, then I review my notes and the powerpoints posted by the professor to make key points on notecards and reviewing them. I noticed I work better independently then in study groups. Reviewing and rewriting helps me remember and understand material rather than just continuously reading over it. Rewriting words and definitions in different ways helps me comprehend the definition from different meanings. Once when preparing for a statistics exam, I visited Rowan University's tutoring center where I met with a tutor and we went over questions together. The tutor first let me solved it and corrected my mistakes along with explain the right way to do the problem. Its helpful to not only explain how to solve a question correctly, but why my original answer was incorrect. Having my mistakes explained helps me understand why I shouldn't solve problems that way. Tutoring is always offered for standardized tests which I believe is amazing and helps a lot of other students. Using all different types of learning styles simutanelously appeals to everyones different styles while helping them discover new ways to learn and prepare.

Aaliyah from New Jersey
College Freshman
Rowan University