Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am proud to say that my freshman year of college GPA was a 3.8. The transition from high school to college is quite hard compared to beliefs of students and parents. I tried my best and worked my hardest to create a test preparation system that will now help me through the rest of my undergrad career.

When I am first notified about a test, I immediately put it on my calendar (virtual calendar). This allows me to see how long I have to prepare for the exam and if I have multiple exams that week.

I try to being studying for exams a week in advance. Learning/studying a little bit of information over a long period of time is much better than trying to cram in a ton of information in one night.

When I first begin my preparation, I make sure that I have read all pages of the textbook, or all readings/lessons that were discussed in class. During this reading period, I make sure to highlight any information that I believe is important (mostly big facts or definitions).

After I finish outlining my materials, I create a study guide with all of the highlighted information. I believe that writing the material down helps me learn the information better. Sometimes I color coordinate information because it becomes more visually appealing (and is fun).

Once I finish my study guide, I'll create paper or electronic flashcards and test myself. It's possible to make studying these terms fun by doing it with a group of classmates. It's also fun to challenge yourself by creating competitions to see who knows the most info (the winner could win a free coffee).

After studying with friends I'll do a little bit of last minute studying on my own. If I'm really having trouble with a certain concept, I'll go on YouTube and see if there are any videos with explanations.

I'm proud of the effort that I put into studying for my freshman year of college. After this year, I believe that i created a fun and entertaining way of studying that I will use in the future.

Megan from New York
College Sophomore
University of Pittsburgh