Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have developed test preparation practices that work for me during my first year of university. I will find one or two other people in my class who have similar study habits as mine, or team up with a friend who isn't in the class but needs to study for their own exam. I will write key terms and concepts on flashcards, and then use notes and any class materials to talk about the definition among ourselves and then write the definition and any other notes on the back of the flashcard. We do this for every term and concept, and then take turns quizzing each other with the flashcards. We'll do this original process ideally at least a week before the exam, then over the days before the exam get together periodically to review the flashcards. Before the exam, we will get to the classroom early and spend some more time reviewing and talking about the flashcards. I think this process works for me because it combines discussion, which is a key part of making the flashcards, and copying, in writing terms and definitions down more than once. It also helps that as a part of discussion, the group will often explain concepts to each other without looking at the notes if someone is confused and someone else has a good grasp on the concept. Using this method, the combination of discussion and writing, my study groups have consistently made A's on our exams.

Evan from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona