Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Oftentimes, test preparation can come across as a large, intimidating monster that will never be conquered. However, with the right weaponry, it can be defeated. For me, that special weapon is schedules. I used to be the world’s biggest procrastinator before I started utilizing schedules. Scheduling has helped me achieve my academic goals and responsibilities with the little time I have available. When it comes to preparing for tests, it isn’t any different.
Scheduling allows me to cover all areas of test preparation, which includes making sure I have to cover all the different concepts included in the test and the confidence needed for actually taking the test. Usually students resort to cramming in their studying in last minute, including me, but for tests heavy with material, it often fails more often than naught. Scheduling allows me to set time aside to study, and spread out the material I need to know. Studying in intervals allows me to study each thing being tested in its entirety, and studying a week or two before the test allows allows me to retain the information long term. Some students may study weeks before a test but do not come up with a plan on how they will spend your time, but reviewing all your information at once is daunting and can demotivate you. Creating a schedule of the different areas you need to over before the test minimizes the time you spend procrastinating and studying inefficiently. This then gives me confidence that I know for sure that I covered everything I need to know. Along with this, using schedules for tests allow me to manage my mental health and stress levels well, which plays an important roll in how you perform on testing day.
Using schedules as a test preparation practice requires minimal effort on the student’s half but improves their score overall due to the preparation that comes with it. I have seen a huge improvement with my scores and grades overall because using schedules allow me to be proactive with my actions.

Dana from Texas
High School Senior
Valle Verde Early College High School