Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test Prepping by Cadence Cha
Not many people like tests. It makes me nervous like I have a ball in my stomach. I sweat and sometimes feel nauseous and can’t sleep. What I do not like about tests is the uncertainty of the unknown.
However, we can better prepare ourselves for tests to minimize test anxiety. As a student, I took the SAT, PCAT, ACS exam, and many other tests.
I like to prepare 6 months in advance. Find the test date that suits my date and set up a reverse timeline.
First month, get to know the tests and its goals.
The overview of the test is a good place to start. What is the goal of the test and why do I want to/need to take it? What is the minimum score required to get into my school of choice, and what is the average score? What is it testing me on (subject matter)? What is the test format? Is there a penalty for guessing? Read some of the questions and see if I can answer them. Take a diagnostic test and see what my weaknesses and strengths are. When I had a tight budget, I went to my local school library and asked a reference desk librarian for guidance on where to find books on PCAT test prep.

Second month, get familiar with concepts and pair drilling exercises. I find that writing things down helps solidify things in my head. I am a kinetic and visual learner. Drawing charts and diagrams with different colors help me stay organized too. Photosynthesis, Krebs Cycle, know the major target points of your subject and really use those colors to categorize. This is when you see me with a Gigantic flow chart of a mural taped to my room wall. Flash card formulas for math etc.
I would start pulling notes from my subject matters at school that directly relate to the subject matter of the test and start organizing. Take notes, highlight, use flash cards, do what you need to stay organized. Set weekly goals. For example, I set aside an hour every day for calculus, which was my Achilles heel.
Make sure you have a quiet environment where you can concent

Cadence from Arizona
College Freshman
University of Arizona College of Pharmacy Phoenix