Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Through all my years of taking tests, I have implemented many different strategies to help me retain and regurgitate information I have learned in class. Most standardized tests are not complex thinking. It is simply a law of deduction and choosing the answer that best fits the question. So, the tactics that I use are not excruciating and only focus on the keys to maximize my chances of obtaining the best grade possible.
In the beginning stages of prepping for a test, I find it best to ask the teacher or professor the guidelines and tools that I can utilize during the test. Many teachers have various rules and restrictions on what can be used with the test whether it's being able to use a textbook, notes, etc. It is pertinent to use every last tool given to you to your advantage. Taking exceptional notes and highlighting only the most important information is key to your success.
When it comes to the actual studying for the test my best advice would be not to cram or overwhelm yourself. Stress has a way of obscuring your train of thought during a test especially if you are prone to testing anxiety. There are a few ways that help me personally to create a tranquil environment to learn with. The first being listening to music with a range of about 60bpm to relax your mind. If music is not your forte, I would advise studying with a friend. Bouncing ideas between a companion not only eases the mind but can also keep you accountable and less likely to procrastinate.
However, all of this being said there is one key utility that has made me successful on every test I have ever taken, creating acronyms. Acronyms are an easy way to associate information into simple words or even jingles. Many study guides that are given by teachers would be nearly impossible to remember every finite detail. Finding a random word to associate an answer to its question can help you out immensely when you are stumped during a test.
Taking tests can be stressful for anyone worried about passing. With these steps, you might be able to not only pass the test but excel without even breaking a sweat. Remembering to stay calm and not waiver from the tactics that make you successful will ensure that you do stellar on every single exam.

Matthew from Colorado
College Freshman
Pueblo Community College