Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For most tests these days it either gauge your time management, understanding of various materials and ability to retrieve information. The best strategies I have for time management is to know how much time you have. First test how fast you can take the test. How long you actually will take. Then make a goal time in between. Best scenario is to finished the test with 5-10 minutes to spare to review and look at the ones that you guess or was stuck on. This work with me because I do not just barely finish the test, I actually have time look over and be more assure of my skills. The next skill is understanding the materials. This is more tricky depending on what subject it is. But ask questions on why and how it is like this. And search why it works or why it is understand like this. This works for me because in order to analyze you often ask why and how. Ask these questions early on subjects topics and learn it. As for retrieving information, the best way is to be able to write out the details by memory rather than just recall it n multiple choice since it sticks in head longer or using flashcards which are recall tactics. This works because by writing out the details you make sense of the information and recall it more. Same thing for oral tests but do it orally rather than writing it out. This work in general for many tests.

Norika from Hawaii
High School Senior
Kalani High School