Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying for a test can be a difficult challenge, and students are often faced with multiple exams in a short period of time. As finals come around, I would like to share the steps that have made me successful when studying for a test.
The ability to wisely manage one's time is the most quintessential skill to poses. I begin studying for a test by creating weekly and daily schedules leading up to my exams. By dedicating time to review, I can ensure I do not allow work or my personal life to take priority over my academic success. Spreading out my study time is also more effective than studying a course-load of material in the hours before the test. Although last-minute reviews can be helpful, it is impossible to read through a large quantity of information in a short amount of time without missing key details or impeding on rest or sleep that will be needed to remain focused during the exam.
Furthermore, many teachers are willing to aid students who have demonstrated a desire to be successful in their class. Students who are engaged in the coursework, complete assignments, and have developed relationships with their professors should not be afraid to ask for directions. From my experience, teachers are more than happy to recognize my work by giving me advice on what to focus on and even providing insight into what to expect on an upcoming test. This can be beneficial because it can provide students with a clear road map to success on an exam.
By following these steps, I have been able to prepare myself for dozens of exams in every subject. However, these skills are not only necessary for success in school but throughout the workplace as well. In a new job, people may find themselves in positions of uncertainty. Managing time and asking for directions are abilities that will be useful in such situations. Therefore, when you begin studying for your next exam, remember to start early and ask for guidance so that you can ensure your success in every aspect of life.

Cesar from Texas
High School Senior
Alief Hastings HS