Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before a test I attend the online cohorts that are offered by my University. They emphasize all the important information that may be on the test, which saves me time, because I don't have to study every note I took on the course. During the cohort the teacher points out key words that are associated with the terms. When you take the test and see that word, you know the right answer and can eliminate all the others. Now that I feel like I am set, I have to make sure I have the right mindset and not let myself get stressed. I make sure to set enough study time aside each day. I schedule several short study sessions spaced out over two weeks. This helps me not to become stressed and forces my brain to retrieve the information by building on it every time I study. I find this helps me to make it permanent in my head. I study in a quiet area with no distractions, and I also make sure to study when my three kids are around. That way I am used to the noise and quiet for testing purposes. I find another effective way to prepare is to practice taking past test. This helps me to get used to the format of the questions, gives me extra studying while taking a timed test to make sure I spend enough time of each question. I also make sure I take at least 15 minute breaks while studying. After an hour I will get up do some sort of exercise or grab a snack to get me going again. This helps me to stay focused. I will do this for at least two weeks before my test, making sure I get enough study time in. The day of the test, I get up have something small to eat and do a quick review of my notes. By doing all of this I feel very confident when I sit down and take my test.

Jamie from New York
College Sophomore