Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation practices can range from practical everyday good health best practices to very intentional face-the-study-grind study skills. Good health practices that are especially beneficial for test taking days would begin with getting enough sleep. Teenagers tend to stay up late, whether it's watching Netflix or hitting the books. Time management, in order to get seven or more hours of sleep, is so important. Proper sleep serves as a foundation for everything else.

Day of the test preparations include keeping hunger away by eating a good breakfast and staying calm. Putting away the phone to detox the brain from the urgent feeling of messages and emails, taking a walk outside to get fresh air, and making sure of arrival times and places take away those last minute panic moments. Also, preparing the night before with pencils, testing tickets, and checking directions to the test site is a must!

Finally, keeping perspective that one can only do their best and extra stress and pressure doesn't help is a must-have mindset. Not happy with a test score, step back and try again.

Ryan from South Carolina
High School Senior
Lexington High Scool