Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying for a test can be stressful and difficult for anyone; however, there a a few ways I have learned over the years to best study. When it comes to studying, I try to set aside certain times in the day for when I will study. This allows me to still have free time but also limit the amount of stress as I know when I will study and am less likely to procrastinate on my studies. When it comes to material based classes, I usually start by pulling out all of the notes I plan to study at that time and section of what I will study that day and what I will study the following days. Once I know what I am going to study, I sit down in a quite place with my notes, pens, and paper. I begin my reading through all of the notes and marking the parts I feel I will struggle the most to remember. I then rewrite my notes on to a new piece of paper making sure to write as neatly as possible as it forces me to focus on what I'm actually writing. I then go through my rewritten notes and mark the parts I feel are most important to remember. This method works best for classes that focus mainly on remembering and understanding a subject. As for classes that require me to work out problems, I begin by sectioning the work I will do for that study session, and then I read through every problem, marking the ones I feel I will struggle the most with. I then rewrite to problems in different ways and try to work them out. Doing this forces me to really pull on the material I have learned as opposed to just looking at how a problem is worked as that does not actually prove I can work a similar problem on a test. I then look for similar types of problems online and try to work through those as well, as doing so provides me with problems similar to what I have learned but completely new to me. These two different methods I have found have really worked for me and helped me a lot in highschool as well as my first year of college.

Sydney from Mississippi
College Freshman
Mississippi State University