Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation are different depending on the class that someone is taking and depending of what the teacher is providing for you when it comes to studying.Some teacher provide power point, study guide, videos and the book of the class. If I have that kind of teacher I would see the study guide and make an idea of what the test is going to be about. Then I see the videos and take notes of what was going on the videos, only focusing on the key points that are in the study guide and also the points that II would believed that is important. I would print the power points and highlight of the things that the teacher talk most about in the class and based on the study guide. I would write down important stuff that I would read in the book in a index card and then I would study until I feel comfortable and then I would ask someone to test me. If the teacher doesn’t provide a study guide I would read the chapter that we are taking the test about again and while I am reading it I would put sticky notes aside the information that I would think is important, bold words, vocabulary , names that we had talk about in the classroom, time periods and events during the times and examples that the teacher show. Then I would practice the index cards and also in a piece of paper I would write it down over and over again until I know it well. Usually I would used this process to study every time a test is near and I pass with a high score.

Kimberly from Texas
High School Senior
Valle Verde early college high school