Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation, in my opinion, is crucial. Being prepared is something I have known all my life, as an Eagle Scout. It is a skill that carries with you your whole life. The most important test preparation technique is time management. Since I am so involved, it forces me to make every free second dedicated to studying. The best way to use this time, is to multitask. I am constantly downloading the power points and study guides onto my phone so I can take them with me, wherever I go. I study on the car ride to church, I study while watching Netflix with my girlfriend on the weekend, and I study while I practice guitar. The more exposure I have with a topic, will allow me to do significantly better. When I am given something I have to memorize, I will screenshot that topic, and bookmark it on my phone. That way, whenever I use my phone, I am doing something constructive. For human anatomy, I will print out the slides containing the bones and muscles, and tape them to my wall. That way, every time I wake up, I am exposed to the otherwise terrifying words. I incorporate studying into everything, and make it a habit. My twin brother and I will play ping pong and quiz each other, or run on the treadmill, increasing the speed with every wrong answer, (in a safe way of course!). The truth is, college is intimidating due to all the studying necessary to obtain an A. You have to study hard, but the moment you find yourself re-reading a sentence, you have to walk away from the computer or notes. It can be hard for me to walk away sometimes. But coming back refreshed can allow for a significant increase in productivity. To make longer study sessions fun, I will make a game for myself, where I do push ups every time I get something wrong. Or I will kick a soccer ball every time I finish studying a unit. The key to success with studying is to avoid long and boring studying sessions with constant exposure to topics. Above all, Studying can be fun if you make it fun.

Lucas from New York
College Freshman
D'Youville College