Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before any tests or practicals, there are certain test preparation practices that help me ace an exam. One method that I find very useful is being able to teach someone who has lack of knowledge of that topic. It allows me to answer and explain their how or why questions. Forming study groups is beneficial, because that way I can test my peers and vice versa and ask questions if we don’t understand the topic. I like to attend study sessions provided by my institution that go over important course concepts, discuss readings, and do practice exams, and I think it is helpful because other students have good questions that I would not have thought about and their questions could give me a better understanding of the subject. Before every class, I like to review my professors lecture slides to get a glimpse of what the lecture will be about and after class, I look over and interpret my notes, and determine what the take home message was, and I write down any questions I have for the professor the next lecture. Going over the lecture objectives and answering them is very helpful, I also like to reference the lecture slides with the corresponding objective so that way if I forget what the answer is I can go back to that certain slide instead of going through all the of them to look for the answer. Another method that is helpful is making notecards, because it enables me to remember the information and think about the answer when I read the question and compare my answer with the answer on the notecard. I like to utilize the practice exams and study guides because it focuses on the important topics and I can test my knowledge. Sometimes the questions can be tricky and it allows me to think critically and I can ask my peer or professor if I do not understand the question.

Kimberly from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona