Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

College is very different from high school and I had to teach myself how to study for my college courses. Procrastination is a struggle for me every day, but I have found a few things that help me overcome it. For some classes, the professor would send us notes from the Power Points in document form. I would print them out, and then white out a few key words for every bullet point. During class, I would then follow along and write down the words as he read through the slides. I would have already glimpsed at the notes beforehand, so that helped me know what we would be talking about in class that day and it helped me stay awake for the evening class! Luckily, the book came with materials for extra study help. I would quiz myself with the online flashcards and multiple-choice answers. This helped me for the exams as well as the weekly homework. College chemistry is much different than chemistry in high school. I had to swallow my pride and join a group tutoring session and it helped me so much. We went over everything that we learned in class that week on a white board and the tutor was very friendly and helpful. I was glad that I joined. I find that I learn and study better when I am in a learning environment. Living and working off campus can be difficult because I can’t be on campus all day. Going to my local library can be a good spot to study. You know it will have to be quiet there and they have all the resources you could ask for! For psychology and other classes that require me to know many vocabulary words, flashcards are my go-to. I can quiz myself and ask the professor if I should add any other information to the card. Asking this also helps me get of idea of what might be on the test. The switch from high school to college was a big change for me. It was a hard transition to teach myself the best way for me to study, and I am still looking for tips and tricks. Procrastination is a horrible thing, but I am progressively defeating it.

Julia from Ohio
College Sophomore
Youngstown State University