Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I sadly suffer from severe anxiety. Even the words "test" or "exam" cause my heart to race. This is a very difficult condition to live with but it is not impossible. I have learned that I need to study a different way than the average student. Over the years, I have also learned what study practices work best for me. The first thing I do is pay attention in class. One of the most rewarding feelings when studying a certain topic is remembering what I learned about that topic in class that day without looking at my notes first. It makes me feel like I really understand the information rather than just learning it for the test and then forgetting about it afterward. The next thing I do is rewrite the notes that I took during class that day, especially if I feel like I did not understand the information. Rewriting the notes allows me to take a step back and learn the information in my own time frame. Sometimes, the notes that we take during class go by too quickly for me to actually understand, so I find it easier for me to learn the information in my own time frame. After rewriting the notes, I read them over and see if there is anything that I still do not understand. If there is, then I study that topic ten times in a row. For example, If I could not remember the quadratic formula, I would look at it and read it to myself ten times. Then, without looking, I would say it out loud ten times. If I happened to get it wrong one time, I would make myself say it eleven times. The last, and best, thing I do to prepare for tests is managing my time wisely. When I do my homework, I am always sure to look over and study my notes for each class for about fifteen minutes each day. That fifteen minutes each day reduces future anxiety attacks. This way, I learn the information in little chunks rather than just all at once. This method allows me to remember the little important details about the topic that I am studying. This method may not work for everyone, but it works for me.

Ida from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Quaker Valley High School