Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As an adult learner, that went back to college at the young age of 47, I was a nervous wreck when it came to taking tests, especially math tests. I quickly learned that if I ever hoped to pass the tests and receive my degree, I needed to figure a way to lesson the stress and anxiety that I had while taking the test. The only test preparation practices that worked for me, were to take really good notes with examples of each type of problem. My mantra was practice, practice, practice! I would go back through the chapter and redo every problem that had turned in and redo them several times, in the hopes that when I was panicking on a test and about to pass out, muscle memory would take over!! Different things work for different people. When I was taking an EMT class much later in my career, I would go over every test that we took, rereading every question and answer several times to get it seared into my mind. As a special education teacher of 7 years, I have had to differentiate my teaching techniques to fit many different students. I use flash cards, computer generated practice tests and fun games to help my students retain the information that I am teaching them. The main practice that I always live by is this; If you want to pass a test, be prepared. No matter what the subject is, math, science, reading, or learning how to make something with your hands, the key is practice! practice! practice!

HAROLD from Virginia
College Junior
Western Governors University