Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The way that I prepare for tests is I do a lot of review and rehearsal. Since I’m a visual learner I tend to redo my notes in different colors and make charts and graphs to organize them. I also use websites like quizlet, kahoot, and stuff to review and test my knowledge. What also helps too is discussing the topics and chapters we learned with my peers because it really solidifies in my mind if I am able to apply it in real life and use it with my peers. It works for me because since I feel that I need to take extra steps in order to be able to retain information that I can’t normally remember, using online resources like kahoot and stuff really gives me a better chance at keeping the information in my mind long enough for the tests and quizzes I take in class. Also, I do a lot of my studying by myself because I tend to slack off when I am around friends or peers so I like to do more studying by myself. But these are just the few ways I study and prep for my tests since they work for me.

Annastasia from California
High School Senior
Sierra Vista High School