Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Many people go after making flashcards or charts when preparing for a test. I go with a different tactic. I like to take my notes and re-write them very small onto as few amount of sheets of computer paper as possible. I know it sounds crazy at first. However, it has worked for me for years in various college classes. I'm the kind of student that, when studying, likes to reference other aspects of notes as I progress through the material. If I don't re-write the notes into as few amount of sheets as possible, then I spend a lot of time flipping and searching for what I want to know. If I have everything compacted into a few sheets of paper, then my eyes can just glance around the few sheets of paper and get the comparison I was looking for faster. It saves me time when studying, and I think it allows me to further memorize and understand the material. I have told my sister, and many of my friends, about this practice of mine. A lot of them have tried it, and have said that they love it.

Another practice of mine that I do to memorize material in preparation of a test is that I deeply read the notes two times through, and then I quickly read through the notes at least two to three times through when I have a chance. The deep reads are for building as much of your memory of the material as possible, and then the quick reads thereafter are for bulking up the formed memory with information that may not have stuck the first couple times through with the deep reads.

Christian from New York
College Junior
D'Youville College