Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is essental for a successful academic year. I am taking a lot of math and physics classes so I to do all the homework and whenever I have extra practice problems I try to do them in my free time. I also start to look over my notes and concepts one week before the test. If I have any questions, I look problems up on YouTube or I read the book. Going to office hours is not my first choice because for me to understand something its all about taking the time for the concept to click. To study for a test it is also important to re-due all of the problems done on quizzes taken. This is important because the test will have similar questions. In order to have enough time to practice all of the problems needed I usually set four hours a day. two of those hours are dedicated to one class. The other two hours is to do practice problems for another class. Keeping in mind that these two hours do not include homework time. Homework should be done on its own time. Studying in a well-lighted area is essential for me. It keeps me in a good mood and motivated. So I like to sit next to a window with a nice outdoor scenery and I crank up my favorite tunes. Personally, I don't like to take breaks too often. I like to study as much as I can in one sitting, maybe taking a break every three hours. I feel like I accomplish more and I tend to be able to concentrate for long periods of times. Also, people like to study in groups but I tend to socialize too much so I have to study somewhere where I can be lonely. I only like to study in a group if we all come together to compare and ask about the homework. This is because we all are familiar with the problems and we ask exactly what we don't know, otherwise I would start to socialize. When It comes to test day, I don't let my emotions bring me down, whether I am comfortable with the material or not. If I don't feel like I know the material I know I can get as much partial credit as I can.

Adolfo from Illinois
College Sophomore
Virginia tech