Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Over my educational career I have had to adapt and overcome challenges to studying. Some great test preparations that I use and have been successful are writing out study guides, using online comprehension exams or mock tests, having an organized study space, keeping up with reading material, and always attend class regularly.
Writing out study guides/outlines help me with learning and comprehending the material. In my experiences, the more I write out the information the better I will remember it. Study guides and outlines make studying easier because the information is more clear, organized, and understandable. Evaluating and reorganizing your outline will help with focusing on what is important.
Using online comprehensive exams helps greatly in the nursing profession for entrance exams and lecture exams. These exams give you realistic questions that might be on the real exam and test your knowledge. Online exams not only test my knowledge but also help to identify the weak areas and what I need to focus more on. Mock tests are normally located in your text books. These tests prepare you to know where to focus your studying. For example, multiple choice exams will most likely help you focus more on definitions and concepts. For essay exams you will need to focus more on understanding the concepts. It may also help with pre-exam jitters by demonstrating that you know the material, and helping to get into the mindset for testing.
A designated study space is important for good study habits. Having an designated and organized study space helps prevent distractions. Preventing distractions keeps your focus and helps you retain the information. Designating a separate and clutter free space also allows you to spread out your notes, textbooks and other studying material.
Keeping up with the reading material and attending class regularly kind of go hand in hand. Assigned readings will retain materials because you have already read through the material you are going to discuss in lecture. This will make your notetaking easier and easier to understand the content. At times some instructors will come right out and tell you about the exam and possible study strategies and concepts to focus on. Information like this is something that you will only get from attending class regularly. Also, attending class regularly will help you with refreshing the material you have read prior to the instructor lecturing on it and it gives you the opportunity to ask questions on concepts that are harder for you to comprehend. You will also learn more information from other students asking questions on the lecture material. By regularly attending class and being present in conversation and lecture, you can learn from your instructor, peers and the content covered to better prepare for exams. This also helps to establish relationships that better facilitate questions so if there is content that isn’t sticking with you, you feel comfortable asking your instructor for help. They are there to help you, be willing and free to ask questions!
Overall, I utilize many different preparations when studying for exams. I feel that study guides and written notes help to clearly identify and prioritize content, while online practice exams and mock tests help me to test my knowledge and identify what I need to study more on. All of this is beneficial, but if you are in a cluttered and loud environment, it is much harder to retain and focus on the content. So I find it best to clean a space and designate this area for studying. These study habits help you to stay prepared and knowledgeable, but attending class regularly and interacting with your peers helps to also solidify your confidence in your test-taking abilities.

Ashley from Kansas
College Junior
Baker University