Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices are simple, and that is why I believe they are the best. First, I make sure I have all the dates of all tests and quizzes at least a week in advance. If a teacher tends to only give a short notice, I simply ask them constantly when the next test is, and they usually give me a good time estimate eventually. Once I have the dates I get to work. I have 3 short increments of 10-20 minute study sessions per day until the test. First increment I go over a portion of the topic and get familiar with it. Second increment will be a few hours or so later and the purpose is to simply review what I went over in the first increment. The third increment I do right before I go to bed and it is a brief review of what I went over in the first increment and if it is after the first day, I will go over briefly what I did the previous day. I will then go to bed immediately with no distractions. Therefore, my mind can rest and let the facts marinate in my brain. I aim for 8 hours of sleep. The day before the test I will do one large review on all I went over across the past week for an hour or so. I will keep electronics to a minimum and try to get 9 hours of sleep. When I use electronics for long periods of time, I find that facts get scrabbled around in my memory, and I forget information more easily. So to conclude, if there is an important assessment coming up, I get as much sleep as possible, and keep electronics to a minimum. The simple and short study tactics make it easier to avoid procrastination while still comprehending a good amount of information.

Philippe from New York
High School Senior
Long Beach Senior High School