Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For me, the most essential part of test preparation has always been reading and re-reading the course’s material. Whether that means a textbook, lecture notes, or study guides, I find whatever the most easily digestible source of information that is relevant to that test and get as familiar with it as I can. In classes where memorizing facts is the basis of succeeding on the test, like history, this helps me to commit the maximum amount of information to my memory. In other classes that are more based in learning methods to solve problems, like physics or math, re-reading helps me to develop a comprehensive understanding of those methods.
In addition to this, I am also a big fan of doing lots and lots of practice questions for tests. Not only does this help me to review the information and ensure that I have familiarized myself with it enough to answer the questions well, it also helps me to understand the structure of any given test. This can be very important, as going into a test not knowing what the test itself will consist of is very confusing and stressful. This combination of becoming extremely familiar with both the nature of a test and the information that will be relevant to it is, to me, the most surefire way to get the best score I can possibly hope to achieve.
As a bonus method, I also enjoy engaging in discussions about course material with my friends. These conversations help us to look at information from angles that we probably never would have thought of independently, which can be an incredibly enriching experience. Beyond that, these talks inevitably will lead to inside jokes regarding that all-important testable information. These jokes, while typically silly or even downright nonsensical, function astonishingly well as a form of mnemonic devices to remember more challenging pieces of information. These three fundamental practices of test preparation have successfully guided me through my educational career so far.

Ethan from Texas
High School Senior
Monterey Senior High School