Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparations always start the same way. In the classroom. When I'm in the classroom I take notes, detailed notes, of what the teacher is going over. I'm highlighting, underlining, and annotating as much as I can. When class comes to an end and I am back at home, I am left on my own. The first I do when I'm alone and need to study is get myself in a clear mindset. Having a clear mind helps me focus on the task at hand, so a quick stretching or relaxing session always helps me in my studying process. I only give myself about two or three minutes to relax before I get to work. If I gave myself more time I'm sure the work wouldn't get done.

Once I have a clear mind I can now focus on studying. I like to lay my book out and read over the content and my notes again, just to refresh my memory on them. Then I take any terms and definitions and rewrite them on flashcards, something that helps me remember the word and it's definition. For any bullet points or extra notes I like to either rewrite them or type them, which again helps me remember better since I'm seeing the information all over again. If I decide to study with friends it's always fun to play a good study game, like jeopardy or kahoot. Studying does not always have to be something that's stressful or hard to do, and the way I do my study routine helps it seem a lot better and easier.

Jessica from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Academy Park High School