Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The quote that defines me is “Never give up’’ the four reasons this quote defines me . The reason is that I have never given up on this battle I have been through during my school life . No matter what gets put on my shoulder I don’t let it get the best of me .I have been bullied all throughout school and never gave up . I have been diagnosed with three mental illnesses and was still able to fight the battle life gave me with the challenges I have become so much stronger over the years . I have wanted to give up in the past but I did not give up on my life because I know I matter and that I’m worth it . I have been told to give up by mean people but I believe I have shown them that I don’t care what they think .
The lesson I have learned during my school time is that I can do this . The ways I have Learned this that I have taken on challenges in my school life that I thought were impossible for me . But I have proved myself wrong in so many ways . Some of those ways are that I have been through a very long fight with loving myself . Another way is that I have worked on my speech . The last way is that I have worked very hard on my grades so I can work on loving myself why I’m in school . I have had times were I did think that I can’t do this but I have done this and I’m still doing this everyday working on myself and becoming more proud of myself

alyssa from Washington
High School Senior
Sedro woolley high school