Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Getting top grades, ranks, or scores might not be as hard as you may think. Whether it be for a standardized test, like the SAT, or a simple quiz in biology, there are a few simple tricks I use to master my material. Step 1: Find a textbook, or practice test, with questions relating to the upcoming exam and answer them. Step 2: Grade your work and mark all answers you got wrong. Step 3: In a separate note book, write all the questions you got wrong and why you got each of them wrong. Step 4: Create mnemonics out of hard to remember information. These steps not only lead to easy memorization, but they also help you understand why you get certain types of questions wrong so you can improve in the future. Good luck and happy studying!

Alixandria from Texas
High School Senior
Chisholm Trail Academy