Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation starts with canceling out all forms of distractions. Isolation endorses a focused mind and helps with stress or overthinking. This also helps with memorization due to being in a comfortable environment and to also set personal goals or challenges. Practices are the most useful when one creates their own way of studying or taking time away from their regular schedule. Music is also a helpful tool when it comes to studying because it helps keep the mind working and keep inspiration rolling. It also helps with preventing burn out due to quietness and just hearing one's thoughts for hours. Environment makes a difference in studying for a test so I put myself in an environment where I know I wouldn't be bothered or taken out of my mindset. would then take out the material which I will study and make notes as I go along and flag certain parts that I need more practice on. My second round on looking through the material I look over the flagged material and use any resources I have to better understand that material. If I can't find the solution to my problem I then contact a teacher who may help me with the problem. Finally, I then look through all my material to see if there are some problems I may have gotten wrong or not done correctly. The morning of the test I would look over my notes a final time and also try to memorize key information that can help me eliminate answers. I also try to study with a partner or with a group of individuals to maybe get a better or easier way to learn the material. This can help even more in keeping the mind relaxed because students are known to stress out more during the actual day of testing. During a test, I search for the questions that I remember the most or can find keywords that I remember in the answers. This method takes away the majority of the questions and helps to make space in my mind to answer the remaining questions. I then check all my answers to make sure I didn't make any mistakes and turn it in.

Jennifer from Texas
High School Senior
Akins High school