Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am the type of person who overthinks when taking a test. I use think that if I cramped all the information the night before an exam I would do well and that was not the case so that drove me ti switch up my studying habits. Now, I tend to study. an hour a day for the following subject that I am going to be tested on. Being a college student, sometimes I have more than one midterm within the same week. I would then study an hour a day for each of the following subjects. For example, I would study for Biology for an hour then get up and stretch, then study English for an hour, take a snack break, and finally I would study Math for hour then take a nap. After this process is finished I will continue doing the same progress during the rest of the week. It is shown in research in psychology that if you study in distribute learning it will help you retain the information. The last thing I do that helps me study is however I study is how I would perform on the test. For instance, if I chew gum while I studying then I will chew gum while taking the test. It's helped me during all my exams and I score pretty high.

Derriana from California
College Freshman
UC Davis