Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Being an early college student, I've learned to study for multiple exams in so little time. One of my methods include, writing out notes during class in a separate sheet of paper, that I later add into a folder with the name of the class written in sharpie, at the front of the folder. I bet you're wondering why in a separate sheet of paper instead of a notebook? Well to answer your question, the most effective study method is to re-write your notes you took that day, the very same day when you get home. This allows your brain to pay attention to what you are writing the second time that day, and since it is the same information, your brain will have an easier time fully understanding the concept. Because when you are home, you tend to have more time to ask yourself questions like, do I really understand this? why does this cause it to have a reaction? or why is my professor going through the notes really fast? Re-writing your notes at home that same day, allows you to go through the textbook for a more clear answer to your question. It will also help you stay organized. Some professors tend to run through their lectures or power points really fast, so your notes end up looking messy and disorganized.
Another method I use is, color coding. Having different color pens really makes a difference. Because some material have various parts to the same question. These answers usually come with it's separate set of definitions and examples. Color coding one answer and examples from the other really helps you differentiate the parts of the answers.

These methods work for me because I don't cram weeks of information into one night. I already know the material because I studied my notes by re-writing them the day my mind was still fresh on the material. So studying is really not a hectic thing to do because the day before the exam, I simply open my notebook, and read the notes as well as examples. This allows me to get a good nights rest, which is crucial for any testing.

Ashley from Texas
High School Senior
Valle Verde Early College High School