Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are different types of test that I study for and use different methods for each class. Some classes wont be as strenuous but still requires a dedication to get the job done. It is the perfect training for anyone planning a business career or any professional or life endeavor. Besides strategy you must have a goal and know what you are trying to accomplish. Test preparation requires strategy so for math the best way is to stay engaged in class. Always ask questions and stay on top of your work, due to math being mostly numerical it is a day by day learning topic. For science classes they include a lot of terminology, so to master that level of studying terms it is a must that I make flashcards from the start. Again always asking questions, especially in this class to understand the full meaning of words. As for reading and language arts I review over passages if I know it will be a test with stories and newspapers. Understanding how to analyze the main idea, infer the meaning of words, and draw conclusions is the best way I train my brain. The reason why all these methods work for me factors back in the first sentences of this essay. Dedication, nothing comes easy and you must work to get what you want. Overall, it has a positive impact on your future to have a good study routine and good practices this early.

Kaidyn from Missouri
High School Senior
Jefferson City High School