Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation is an on going process. I start with going of the course study .guide and start reading the course material. I read each chapter once through then return and make my notes on pertinent information and also fill in the study guide if needed. I do this for every chapter or section that is being covered. I use three different colored highlighters for different types of information, yellow for main material on study guide, pink for secondary material(not on study guide but could be pertinent info) then blue for definitions. When I know I have a test coming up I pull out my notes and start reviewing the material concentrating on the yellow highlights. I am constantly reviewing course material the entire term but put in 2 extra hours of study time a day beginning a week before the test or exam. My school is online and so far all my courses have utilized a study guide so filling in the study guide and using it to study is a huge wealth of material to review. This method has always helped me score high on test and exams. It is all about reading, answering and reviewing daily.

Cynthia from New York
College Sophomore