Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is incredibly important, especially when you begin the time in college where every quiz, test, and especially exam, matters! Preparing for tests can be done in a four-step process: notes, homework, flash cards, and practice tests.
First thing, your notes have to be organized in a way that you understand them. When revisiting the information for the test, you can easily jump back on track when you understand your system. I like to take my notes in colored ink, as that just makes them more interesting to look at than something that is just black and white. I also like to organize them in sections with bullet points, but you can create diagrams, comparison maps, and so on.
The next step is going through your homework or any previous assignments you might have completed. This seems like a no brainer but reviewing your homework and making sure you could do problems over again tells you that you understand that topic and could perform well if you happened to stumble across it on a test.
The third step is my personal favorite, create flash cards! This can be time consuming but creating flash cards is incredibly beneficial because not only are you rewriting your notes, but you are solidifying concepts in your head prior to the test.
The fourth and final step, is making practice questions. I find that this works best in a group of people so creating a small study group (about 3-5) where each person is responsible for making a few study questions means that all different sides of topics will be visited!
Of course, this process should be combined with good rest, starting study in advance, and a full stomach prior to the test so you are completely focused.

Cayce from North Carolina
College Sophomore
North Carolina State University