Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to test taking, it can be hard to properly prepare and be in the right mindset to take the test and do your best. Now I have practiced several ways in my time, anything from proper studying to studying the day/night before, to the class before and I have noticed varying results on how well I do on these exams. My advice, the proper study way. Here is how it goes.
Step one, nothing beats knowing the material. You can talk with friends or scroll through your phone or even skip, if you are in college, but none of this will help you on the test. So attending class is important, but so is actually working out the homework. As boring as it is to work on homework when you could be doing literally anything else, when it comes to straight up knowing the material, this is the best way. I can not emphasize this step enough. After you practice an example extensively, it becomes familiar, even muscle memory. Like multiplication tables, you can confidently identify and solve whatever question you are asked. It also helps to find a practical example of what you could use this specific topic for. For studying, you can try to cram all of your studying before the test, but I have found this rarely works for me. I become overwhelmed or just plain bored by staring at the same things for hours on end. I try and study early, as soon as the topic is introduced, and for short periods of time consistently before the test. If you see it five times a week even for a brief moment, it becomes easier to identify than a much more recent memory you tried to cram.
Now they day of the test, it’s always important to eat and sleep well prior to the exam. You don’t want to have a test you are focusing on, and an early onset of starvation. Or feel the tragic effects of sleep deprivation. The last thing I would say, is to have a positive mindset going in. If you have practiced and studied, feel confident of your knowledge. You are a product of your effort at this point, so be proud of i

Maverick from Arkansas
College Junior
Northwest Arkansas Community College