Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When there's an important test for me to study for, there are a few tricks I nearly always use to get an "A" every time. The beginning of test prep starts with the moment you learn the information. I like to print out power points for my lectures, and highlight the bullets that my teacher confirms will be on the test. It's not wise to be silent if you're unsure what's going to be on the test. I have taken this route before and sat in the back of the class glued to my phone, but I have learned my lesson and won't accept low scores any longer. The fact that I now have to pay to be in school is one of my biggest motivators when mustering up the emotional strength to deep dive into studying. I make an effort to review my notes every morning I don't have school to keep the information locked in my head. It isn't a difficult routine to master; connecting your notes with what the teacher has taught in a lecture is as simple as following the instructions on a box to make cupcakes. The next important step is to finish and review your homework, always. Your homework is essentially the cliff-notes of the notes you took in class, and in tandem are a study guide for the homework. When you have teachers like mine who cease to hand out study guides before tests, it may be flashing red sign that says you already have the information you need to do well. Although, you can never be too careful when you don't know what will be on an exam. I have always been sure to make friends in class, so we can compile notes, diagrams, and links to other online resources that will help all of us on tests. If all else fails, email your teacher, or speak with them after class to clarify. Aside from that, I like to utilize flash cards to test my knowledge a week or two before test day, if I have to memorize terms. It is also helpful to vocalize my thoughts to solidify my knowledge, so I may give a mock-lecture to my best friend, or have her test me. Use every resource, to ensure your ultimate success.

Heather from Georgia
College Freshman
Lanier Technical College