Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is crucial to the performance in a test, exam or quiz. Each person can have different techniques and practices that apply for them. As an early college student at Valle Verde, having a test preparation technique is something that I had to adopt early on. I use different techniques based on the type of test I am taking and split them up into two categories. There are comprehensive exams and an individualized exam. The comprehensive exams require more effort as they are covering items of all types of subjects. When faced with the task to prepare for a comprehensive exam having a partner or “study buddy” helps to understand and analyze the subject better. Making a game out of it or just discussing with another person or group helps to cover everything and evaluate the subject with more insight. When faced with an indivualized exam that covers only the recent things that were shown in class I prefer to study alone. I prepare by taking all the notes that I have taken in the class and I rewrite everything and make a study guide that uses pictures and colored pens. Doing this helps me to associate certain things with pictures or colors and it’s an easy way to review the information even if it’s last minute studying. Although I have taken all these techniques into consideration when taking a test I also like to “crash study” it doesn’t matter how last minute I am doing this crucial step and even if I’m doing it on my way to class. Having all of that information fresh in my mind gives me a boost when I am actually taking the test and has proven to helps my performance when taking an exam. As I have stated before all of these practices may not even apply to everyone but knowing what helps you prepare for an exam helps not only in high school but are also essential techniques that will be used throughout life and especially college.

Jazlene from Texas
High School Senior
Valle Verde Early College High School