Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Personally, I like to study for tests ahead of time rather than waiting the week of to cram. It has been proven that reviewing concepts little by little each day is more effective than cramming all of the material in one or two nights. As an Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, and Honors student, I take my studies very seriously. Because of this, I strive to put my best self forward in terms of school work.

Every night after school, I review my notes from each class for about twenty minutes per class or until I fully understand the material. In my free tiem during school, I will make an online study set that covers the notes we have covered thus far. As we move on in the notes, I add to my study set. Using this method is so beneficial for me because it allows me to train my brain to recall small bits of information at a time. As a result, I strengthen my knowledge of the concept as I continue to review it.

Another test preparation strategy I use is outlining. I will highlight the main concepts of the chapter, write down any important vocabulary words, and ask myself questions as I read the chapter. This is in an effort to reassure myself that I know and understand the material to the best of my ability. If I am still confused on a certain aspect of the unit, I will ask my teacher. More often than not, they create a study guide that is based right off of the chapter with answers that are easily identifiable. This strategy only increases the knowledge I have pertaining to the class' material.

Bridget from Florida
High School Senior
Gulf Breeze High School