Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Mixing flashcards, mind maps, binging videos, and group study are how I prepare for any test.

In studying biological psychology, I would find myself overwhelmed with learning a bunch of terms. Flashcards have allowed me to quickly flip through. Using Quizlet, I am able to see what important concepts others studied that I can include. I can test myself with the learning function, and, as the incorrect cards repeat, reinforce material I am weak on. Overall, I utilize flashcards to drill through dense material in a short amount of time.

To connect this material, I use mind maps. Mind maps allow me to see how one part influences another part. It has been the best for understanding sequences or pathways of biological systems. I especially enjoy mind maps as I can add visual elements such as contrasting colors to represent divergence and doodles to summarize ideas. As a result, I find mind maps useful in condensing material and being visually stimulating.

To supplement, I head onto YouTube for short, educational videos. This is helpful as I am a visual learner. In lectures, I find I lose most information. In contrast, I can grasp material easily when I see the structures modeled and arrows representing various steps in processes or events. Watching videos before tests help me to create visual maps and to solidify material into recallable images.

Above all, I love preparing with friends. With friends, the studying process is much more interactive. I am encouraged to stay focused. I can find my weaknesses quickly and ask a friend for clarification if necessary. Also, my friends can ask questions that help me apply the material. Best of all, this works vice versa and establishes a stronger understanding of the topic.

Overall, I enjoy mixing different methods and working with others. Doing so allows me to dissect the material from various angles, better understand what I am learning, and ace any test.

Amara from California
College Sophomore
Mt. San Antonio College